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Parque de Las Americas
Ayacucho, Peru 2009/2010

In February 2009, I started doing Public Art in Ayacucho, Peru with my students from the Peru exchange program. We started with a Park from the studentsí neighborhood and carved monoliths inspired by the Wari culture (pre-Inca civilization). I worked with 5 students to create three 10 foot tall sculptures and two 6 foot long benches with the local stone, similar to granite. In 2010, Valdez added 20 benches to the park and worked in basalt with 6 students.
Peru Peru Peru
Peru Peru Peru
Peru Peru Peru
Cultural Exchange, Peru
Ayacucho, Peru
Artist in Residency
2006, 2007,2008

Funded by an anonymous family Foundation and administered by the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center from VT, MADRE from NY and CHIRAPAQ an indigenous Cultural organization based in Lima, Peru. In this program I teach indigenous Quechuas from Ayacucho Peru to carve their local stone ( Piedra de Huamanga). I have been their artist in residency for the past three years. I worked for a month and we produce work that end in an exhibition in the local Museum. Two students are selected to travel to Vermont to learn more about stone carving each year.
Peru Peru Peru
Peru Peru Peru
Peru Peru Peru
Lowell, MA 2007
Art Ship Enterprise

Art mobile designed and created in collaboration with artist Persi Narvaez from Peru, with assistance from Youth Build Students, sponsored by The  Revolving Museum and Community Team Work, Inc. from Lowell,MA
Artventures Artventures Artventures
Artventures Artventures Artventures
Artventures Artventures Artventures
Sumter, SC USA 2006

Permanent Public Art Piece created in collaboration with artist Persi Narvaez from Peru and students from Sumter's public schools. As part of the Artist in Residence program for Accessibility 2006. Combining Pre-Columbian Icons with the exploration of Icons common to society and local culture today.

Totems Totems Totems
Totems Totems Totems
Totems Totems  

Sowing Wishes, Harvesting Dreams
First Night 2006
Boston, MA USA

I created an interactive installation in the Boston Common in collaboration with artist Mathew Terry and youth from Day and Evening Academy. The piece was approx. 40x 45 in diameter.

First Night 2006 First Night 2006 First Night 2006
First Night 2006 First Night 2006 First Night 2006
First Night 2006    
Houses of Hope/City of Dreams
First Night 2005
Boston, MA USA

This installation consists of four houses representing various forces at play in determining our future. In the midst of the houses we created the "Wall of Wishes", an interactive component where First Night participants contributed over 5000 of their own wishes and hopes for the year to come. Created in collaboration with Matthew Terry.
House House House
House House House

Mural Project
Hampshire County Jail
Northampton, MA USA 2003

This mural was created with the inmates from the jail. Representing their diversity, their hope and dreams.
Jail Mural Jail Mural
History of Women
Northampton, MA, USA 2003

Valdez was artistic director for the restoration, including updates from the past 25 years, of this 4,000 square foot mural in dowtown Northhampton, MA.
History History
History History  
Dream Locomotive
Lowell, MA USA 2003

Created with children from the Lowell Community Charter School, this 100 foot long train carries the history, culture and dreams of Lowell, MA and its diverse inhabitants.
Locomotive Locomotive
Manhan Rail Trail Mural
Easthampton, MA USA 2002

This mural was completed in June 2002 along the bicycle path in collaboration with the community. The mural is approximately 10 feet by 150 feet.
Mural Mural
Mural Mural Rails to Trails Magazine article
Children's Universe Mural
Austin, Texas USA 1998

This mural was created with local youth in Austin, TX (with funding from Time-Warner Cable and the Bravo Network).
Childrens Universe
Trees of Hope/Bosque de Esperanza
First Night 1996
Boston, MA USA

This was the third year I did a project for First Night. On this piece I collaborated with artist Matthew Terry, as well as with kids from Chelsea and Cambridge, through the public schools, Boys and Girls Club, and the Cambridge Library.
Trees of Hope Trees of Hope Trees of Hope
On the Wall Mural Project
Boston, MA USA 1993

"On the Wall" was created with youths from Boston, in the Villa Victoria neighborhood. Here we addressed their concerns about problems in the community as well as pride in their Latino heritage.
On the Wall