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  • Waiting to be Treasured
  • Off the Beaten Path
  • Totem
  • Come Back Later
  • Crate/Uncrate
  • Passport Please
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • Transmography
  • Memory
Waiting to be Treasured
Lowell, MA, USA 2006

Public Art installation sponsored by the Revolving Museum. The piece is made of limestone and metal.
Treasured Treasured
Treasured Treasured
Off the Beaten Path
Revolving Museum
Lowell, MA, USA 2002

A mix media installation combining
2-D and 3-D art form.
Off the Beaten Path
Columbia Museum of Art
Columbia, SC USA 2005

The title of this piece refers to the emblem of kinship, the clan itself and the mystical powers attributed to the physical representation of a totem.

Totem Totem
Come Back Later
MotoAzabu Gallery
Tokyo, Japan

This installation was created for the Amnesty International Show "Fighting Back" about violence against women.
Come Back Later

Artists Foundation Gallery
Boston, MA USA

Site specific installation created for Here and Gone (video installation show). The theme of the show was dealing with Memories.

Crate/Uncrate Crate/Uncrate

Passport Please
DeCordova Museum
Lincoln MA, USA

"Passport Please" is a multimedia installation dealing with immigration issues. It was designed as part of the "Strokes of Genius - Mini Golf by Artists" exhibit at the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA. I collaborated with Brian Connors on this project.

Passport please Passport please Passport please
University of Massachusetts
Boston MA, USA

In this piece I deal with the breakdown of respect for the individual. This breakdown can occur on a variety of levels and may manifest itself through racism, sexism, the objectification of the body and the rejection of the soul. This installation was also shown at Worcester State College.
Respect Respect Respect
Boston, MA, USA

"Transmography" is a site-specific installation created for Mobius exploring some of the changes that can affect the humanity of the individual and of society as a whole.
Transmography Transmography Transmography
Memory, the Persistence of Politics
Boston, MA USA

This is an installation created for ArtRages in Boston. The images are a response to recollections of the military dictatorship in Argentina during the 70's and early 80's. This was the time of "los desaparecidos."